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Tania Massamiri, Ph.D.

Image by Natalie Grainger

Individual Consultation

Sound Vibrational Therapy |  Chakra Balancing | Energetic Therapy

Various Vibrational Tools are used to support the Client including but not limited to Gong, Tuning Forks and Singing Bowls Sound Healing, Nature Essences, and other energetic modalities.


Sessions are held in person or at distance via skype or phone.

Consultations by the hour.  Sessions run 1 to 2 hours.

Please contact for your individualized fee.


Private Session Assessment

Evaluation of the Energetic System as a whole with recommendations, guidance and therapy.

Sessions are in person, by phone or skype.

Please contact for your individualized fee.

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Private Group Sound Healing Event

​Schedule your Exclusive Group Gong Immersion and Sound Therapy .

Please contact for your individualized fee.

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