Hawaii Sound Retreat 2020

Welcome to the swim with dolphins and sound healing week-long retreat of a life-time !​

The intent of our retreat in Nature is to create a sanctuary for you to play, find joy and engage in exploring the song of your inner being, hear its song and embrace its richness and mysteries. 

The space is no less than all of Nature in the natural wonders and vibrant Mana of the island of Hawaii.  Immersed in the warm water, you will join the Spinner dolphins and Manta Rays swimming side by side and becoming one of their pod members.  These special encounters will guide you into greater awareness.


The Time is the Spring Equinox, a time when the season is changing, Nature is birthing and metamorphosis occurring. 


The invitation is for you to Re-connect, Re-discover and Re-new the song of Your Soul within the sacred container of the retreat.  Come and find out how playfulness is key to wholeness.


We will engage with the elements while out in nature, and with meditations, sound healings, personal time and inspired teachings for clarity to occur.  We will be swimming with the dolphins out in the wild, connecting with the turtles and sacred spaces while on land. We will be connecting with the humpback whales as much as possible and receive traditional Hawaiian teachings from a dear Medicine Woman.  


Sound will be an important part of our journey.  Through sound we will communicate with the Cetaceans, tune into the inner space of silence within, and receive vibrational realignments.   You are welcome to bring your personal musical instruments to share your gifts if you would like!


I look forward to your vibrant presence in our pod! 

For more info contact Tania at: info@starphin.com  619-886 1082  or go to https://www.starphin.com/hawaii-retreat-2020  

Registration details:

  • Registration to the retreat requires a $300 check deposit, and a signed liability waiver to reserve your space.    The retreat is limited to a small group of people.   Deposits will be non-refundable after January 10, 2020.   Balances are due by February 28th, 2020.

  • Early registration: $1790 if paid in full by January 10, 2020.  

  • Later registration: $1980.

  • Cancellations of the retreat due to unforeseen circumstances, forces of nature or less than minimal # of registrants will entitle you for a transfer of all your payments towards another retreat or a refund of your payments.

  • You may pay by by personal check or money orders to: 

Tania Massamiri

P.O.Box: 3700

San Clemente, CA 92674

The retreat includes:  All activities including boat trips to swim with the dolphins, and manta rays.  A boat trip to be with the whales.  Nature trips to visit with the turtles and outdoor ceremonies in sacred sites.  An afternoon of talk stories with PK, our Medicine Woman teacher and Ray her amazing healer husband.  Group sound healing baths, Meditations, and Sharing with Tania.   Some rest and quiet time 😊!

The retreat DOES NOT include: 

Airfare, accommodations, personal transportation, tips, regular meals, but snacks will be available on all boat excursions and throughout the retreat.

Directions Transportation and Housing:

  • Make your flight reservations to the Big Island of Hawaii, the Kona-Keahole Airport.

  • On the day of departure, Please allow enough time in your schedule for checkout, gear return and travel.  



  • The retreat will be held in Captain Cook, at a private facility.    

  • The closest hotel, within a walking distance to the facility is the Manago Hotel.  It is a historical and affordable local hotel, which can accommodate multiple budgets.  https://www.managohotel.com

  • Captain Cook is a 15 min drive from downtown Kona and a 15 min drive to the Ocean.   If you prefer to stay in Kona, another historical, centrally located hotel is the Royal Kona Resort. 

  • Should you like to share a room or a ride with other participants, I will gladly share information and assist you.  For more information on Airbnbs, drop me a note. 


What to Bring: 

Good snorkeling gear is a must!!! (Mask, snorkel (best if dry) and snorkeling fins).  Should you need to rent good snorkeling gear, you may do so on the island, I recommend Jack’s diving locker.   The boat will also have available snorkeling gear for you to use.   Please be sure that you have good equipment.  There is nothing more annoying than to be struggling with unfit equipment and miss all the enjoyment of your ocean swim.  We will give the gears a workout  before we get on the boat.

  • A snorkeling vest if you are not comfortable swimming in the ocean. You may want to consider renting a snorkeling vest that will allow you to float at all times.  Tubes will be provided by the boat if these can be useful for your comfort.  

  • A shorty/or full wetsuit if you tend to be chilled in the ocean (70’s- low 80’s).  These are also available to rent for about 10 $/day.  Temperatures are usually in the 70-80’s.

  • Bathing suits (2), Casual clothes (shorts and T-shirts), a long sleeve shirt, sweater/windbreaker/poncho, jacket, comfortable meditation clothing, sandals and sneakers for hiking (or teva or  anything that you don’t mind getting muddy), flip flops, hat or visor, sunglasses, sun block, insect repellant, socks to wear with fins, defogger (or diluted baby shampoo would work just fine), sea sickness drug if necessary (i.e. bonine), flash light with extra batteries, and any personal items you may need.  Please leave heavy clothing and valuable items at home… as they will remain in your bag the entire stay until the plane ride home.

  • Optional suggestions: camera, wet suit, binoculars, day back, dry pack, writing/drawing pad, small flashlight, musical instrument.   For the retreat, I highly recommend you bring a journal and anything you would like to share with the group.

Past Retreat Photos

Since 2004, a primordial need to return to Self through intimate connection with Nature and the Spirit of the Ocean and Cetaceans called forth several group gatherings to retreat in the womb of the ocean to swim with the dolphins, and partake in extraordinary and most unique experiences with each pod family!


The timing of this 2020 upcoming gathering is around the exciting time of the Spring Equinox again!

Our retreat Spring 2017 was absolutely incredible. The Humpback whales surrounded us with immense delight and magic !!!

This time we will be privileged to spend extra time specifically with the Humpback whales and new to our program we will also be joined by a special guest who will share with us through story telling the Sacred Teachings of the Ancient Ones, as we gather at the Volcano site one evening.


Retreats in this magical island of Hawaii and its deep blue water have always been a time to rejoice, transform and renew.  Each retreat is very unique to the group that creates it and it is always a most enriching adventure that is bound to nourish your Soul and expand your Self awareness.


While in the ocean, we become part of the pods of Cetaceans and join into their conscious metamorphic field.  It is amazing to see how we each become increasingly more fluid in our ability to communicate with them and how our multi-dimensional human talents unravel in such environment.  It often translates into an awakening of dormant abilities and deeper understanding of the Source of our Being-ness.    As you all know too well, the joy and heart opening we experience around dolphins is just pure sweetness, delight and magic!


Each retreat is created by the group that comes together.  My intent is to assist each one on their journey and hold the most sacred space for each one's unfolding, as we share group activities connecting within and with nature, through meditations, hikes, sound healings, sacred ceremonies, and  sharings.


I look forward to sharing this experience with you.  The retreat is limited to a small group of individuals, it is kept small for individual attention.  Let your soul sing your decision to join our special retreat and register early.  For any questions do not hesitate to contact us: info@starphin.com or call 619-886-1082.


With whale songs and dolphin joy!


Comments from Past pods

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