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 Art Studio 

Starphin Studio is born from my passion for the arts, beauty, and love of the Cetaceans.  My enthusiasm for carving is dedicated to honor the natural beauty of each stone, the harmony and beauty of all Cetaceans and to support conservation efforts on their behalf.  All dolphin and whale flukes are uniquely hand carved over many hours.  The creative process is no less than a mindful meditation and a surrender for the carving to lead the way.


Lapidary carvings are created using a variety of semi-precious stones and rocks, each carefully hand-carved to bring out the natural beauty of the material.  These pieces are perfect for those who appreciate the natural beauty of gemstones.

Surfite Jewelry

For those looking for sustainable options, our wearable eco-art carvings are made from upcycled surfboard resin material, giving new life to old boards and creating one-of-a-kind statement pieces. This non-biodegradable element is now recycled in a wearable art form that offers unique, eccentric appeal in combination with durable and super lightweight wearable eco-art!

Each piece is handmade and polished in California and there are no two pieces alike.  Batches of Surfite are exceptionally unique and may present some flaws in the material, adding to the material’s organic beauty!

The Whale Tail design is not only a symbol of grace, strength and adventure, but also a stunning statement piece that will catch everyone's eye and connect you to the vibrations of the Cetaceans.  They make a perfect gift for those who love the ocean and all its beauty!

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