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Gong mystery School

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Sound Institute

The Institute fosters resources to restore balance and harmony, to evoke one’s authentic wisdom, and to successfully meet life more consciously.  

Classes and workshops offer participants an opportunity to learn, experience first hand, share and inquire.

integrative sound therapy

Sound Vibrations are the primordial frequencies that bridge our physical bodies and consciousness to the structures of nature and the universe and to one another.

Meditation and Sound Resonance baths offer a sacred space and portal allowing for deep transformational experiences


Gongs are most powerful ancient instruments that, along with singing and crystal bowls, are used to create a remarkable medium through which harmony, balance and healing can be experienced.  The gong has been used for centuries as a meditation tool and now it is a prevalent tool for sound therapy and palliative treatments for many illnesses including many forms of rehabilitation therapies. 


The gong covers the full spectrum of sound and overtones, and as such, it has the potential to heal and rejuvenate by means of vibrating all the cells and bones and organs and filling them with life force energy.   The sounds from the gongs travel from the outer ear throughout the body via the vagus nerve, impacting brain waves, respiratory & heart rate 

Music has been known throughout history to comfort the soul.  Now studies have shown that sound vibrations are powerful means to heal and restructure the physical & energetic bodies.  The energetic effects of sound are known to entrain biological systems at the cellular levels to function more coherently.
Meditation is an ancient contemplative practice promoting calmness, clarity, happiness, centering, purpose and  and a multitude of benefits for body and mind.  
Sound Vibrations promote overall well-being by bringing harmony and balance to the energetic body.  The energetic body is likened to a harp.  It resonates and responds to everything that has vibration or frequency.  

Integrative Sound Therapy fills the body with high vibrations that emphasize wholeness and resonance. It  facilitates a deep sense of peace, and releases tension. Sound will entrain an incoherent wave pattern to its next highest potential of coherent resonance.

Energetic Therapy

The Energetic Anatomy of the human body is likened to a harp.  It resonates and responds to anything and everything that has vibration or frequency.  It is through the rhythms and tones of all frequencies that we can either find, loose or maintain harmony and balance of our human structures and thus lives.  


Disturbances in the subtle bodies create imbalances and blocks in the flow of energy that ultimately show up as illnesses at the physical level. By working directly on the human subtle energetic field through direct resonance, we gently restore balance at all levels, body, mind & spirit. 

Cetaceans have the amazing ability to use and hold resonant vibrational frequencies.


Experiencing what it feels like to merge with those frequencies and bask in that field of energy has no equivalent in its unique ability to transform our human awareness. 

Seen here is the cymatic representation of a Humpback whale song.  A fabulous way to look at the harmonic wave patterns of their songs.

Screen Shot 2019-08-27 at 11.45.22

Teachings draw from a palette of expertise in traditional fields of education such as traditional western and eastern energetic medical sciences, herbal medicine, metaphysical and esoteric natural sciences, eastern spiritual philosophies, as well as vibrational sound resonance such as with the "cosmic language" of Gongs, singing bowls, tuning forks, and uniquely too with the Cetaceans vibrational field.   Particular to the Gongs and Cetaceans vibrational resonance is their profound and direct effects on the Physical Body as well as the Conscious Awareness.


Through classes, workshops and retreats you will experience a weaving of numerous perspectives and tools that will help you reconnect to your own greatness.   

Online Courses

Online Offerings coming soon.

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