Bells, gongs, crystal and Tibetan bowls sound symphonies for meditation, relaxation and healing. An invitation for the Heart to ride the waves of the sounds and awaken to perfect alignment of body, mind and soul.


The harmonious symphonies and sound vibrations of the gongs, crystal and Tibetan bowls along with bells, drums, flute and other instruments will invite your mind, heart, body and awareness to rise and expand into higher frequencies. As you start listening, you will find yourself drifting into a sense of deeper relaxation. The mind and the awareness will then reorient towards a feeling of inner peace and wellness. The potential healing benefits that often arise after regular listening include enhanced creative processes, emotional balance, release of congestion, trauma and pain and the ability to maintain overall balance.


Sound Therapy promotes overall well-being by bringing harmony to mind, body and spirit. The Human energetic body is like a harp, it resonates and responds to everything that has a frequency. The effects are mediate by the process described as sound resonance. Meditation is an evidence-based practice that promotes calmness, evokes general well-being and provides cognitive restructuring. Sound bath meditation, in the form of sound vibrations through Gongs and bowls, create a unique and remarkable medium through which the awareness and energetic bodies can awaken to and experience greater alignment, centering, calmness, insights & healing.

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